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Thanks for joining us!

Im astonished to say that we have had over 23,500 hits on this noncommercial website since its inception in 2002!

The last few years have seen a hieghtened awareness of the Larson's instruments, and Id like to think this website has been a small part of that.

Special thanks to all of you who have contributed so greatly to the website over the past few years...Ive certainly enjoyed getting aquainted with all of you. And thanks to my good friend Pat Cheeweewat, who has done such a great job of maintaining this site, and translating my slightly odd ideas into web based reality...

I take great comfort knowing that I am not alone in being a guitaraholic...

I've been a guitar player and a vintage guitar nut all my adult life....for the last six years, my interest in the instruments made by the Larsons in Chicago has claimed an increasing portion of my attention. Originally, my close friend, John Nelson, of Vintage Gear in Hollywood , encouraged me to check them out. Since then, I've been fortunate to have obtained a number of Larson guitars. Consistantly, they are among the very best guitars I've ever played. Im now of the opinion that there are far fewerr than previously recognized.

I hope the information presented here will be of interest and will encourage you to get out and play a Larson made instrument yourself......Most of what I know has come from reading the authoritative books and in conversation with experienced vintage guitar dealers. They have consistantly been patient and helpful.

Unfortunatly, I now own none of the wonderful instruments pictured here. Occasionally, one of the instruments pictured here becomes available on the open market. Feel free to contact me if there is any confusion as to the ownership of the instrument. I havent encountered any reports of stolen Larson instruments up to this date. Actually, I purchased a lovely Stahl from a woman whose D35 was stolen , but the thieves disdainfully left this little pearl trimmed beauty behind....

As well as buying more instruments , I am interested in photos, jpegs or stories relating to the Larsons and their wonderful creations. As I obtain them, I'll post them here, with whatever information can be gleaned about each instrument.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this website and help us out with some photos of your own (or someone else's) Larson instruments; we hope you will search out and actually play a Larson made instrument. it's definitely worth your time and effort.........Please let me know if you've any comments or suggestions.......Keep Rockin....

Dan Alexander ......(510) 5271411 or (510) 224 7924

email dan@danalexanderaudio.com

LARSON GUITARS, MARKETED UNDER A MYRIAD OF NAMES SUCH AS MAURER,EUPHONON AND PRAIRIE STATE, ARE LEGENDARY . Yet there were so few of them built, that many guitar aficionados , even many vintage guitar dealers have seen only a few if any. The few guitar experts who have encountered a quantity of Larsons recognize that these are extraordinary instruments , built notably differently than any other maker. Martin and Gibson guitars are often very fine, factory built instruments , but in no way do they compare sonically to a Larson . In much the same way as a D'Angelico or D'Aquisto is a exceptional , handbuilt arch top , the Larsons sense of structure, sonic identity , and hand craftsmanship sets them apart from any other guitar maker.



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